• Paulette Driver

Don't remember!

Don't bring yesterday's sins into today!

Hebrews 8:12 AMPC

For I will be merciful and gracious toward their sins and I will remember their deeds of unrighteousness no more.

Being reminded of our past failures and regrets will poison today.

Be like God, who deliberately makes up His mind not to remember.

It's time to build up others and not lick old wounds:

Psalm 48:13 AMPC

Consider well her ramparts, go through her palaces and citadels, that you may tell the next generation [and cease recalling disappointments].

Whether it be a sin (confessed and dealt with) or some failure or disappointment - Satan will try to get us fixated on it.

He wants to anchor us to our past - to keep accusing and condemning.

If the apostle Paul had listened to the accuser, he would never witnessed about Jesus, bringing the gospel to the then known world.

No, he lived in the new start given to him through Jesus' forgiveness.

So can you and I!

2 Corinthians 5:17 AMPC

Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come!

Let's love and revel in our new life in Jesus - this is a new day!