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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and SSP

The Government's latest guidance states:

"Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) will now be available for eligible individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 or those who are unable to work because they are self-isolating in line with Government advice. This is in addition to the change announced by the Prime Minister that SSP will be payable from day 1 instead of day 4 for affected individuals."

The rate of £94.25 per week Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) if the employee is too ill to work or is self isolating.

[in the case of 5 day working week 94.25 = £18.85 per working day, SSP is NOT payable for a non-working day].

[Note it is at the employer's discretion or as set out in the contract of employment, whether the pay is made up to the normal working rate].

If the employee is self-isolating because of coronavirus (COVID-19), he/she can claim SSP. The employee must be eligible for SSP.


How to process manual statutory sick pay (SSP) in Sage Payroll

  1. From the employee list, double-click the relevant employee.

  2. Click Absence, then click S.S.P.

  3. Click Qualifying Days.

  4. Select the Manual Statutory Sick Pay Calculations check box, then click OK.

  5. Click Diary Entry then enter the relevant From and To dates.

    The Comment field is optional, however we recommend entering a reference to coronavirus for any such absence. This will help you identify any coronavirus-related absences when you calculate how much SSP you can claim back.

    The government will work with employers over the coming months to set up the repayment mechanism for employers as soon as possible.

  6. Click Save, then click Close.

  7. Select the required employee, then click Payroll.

  8. Click Enter Payments, then click the SSP/Parental Leave tab.

  9. Click Recording SSP.

  10. In the Statutory Sick Pay box, enter the value of SSP you want to pay your employee [i.e. multiply the number of working days by the day rate = £18.85 for a 5 day working week].

  11. Click OK, then click Save/Next.

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